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The Seth McNall Sextet
- Modern Jazz, Classic Sound -

As a passion project to expand the horizons of small group jazz in the London area, Seth McNall initially formed his Sextet as an avenue to perform the music and arrangements of the late Joe Edmonds, a mentor to countless musicians around Southwestern Ontario. Since then, the Seth McNall Sextet has evolved into a working group that is dedicated to performing original music and arrangements written by the group members themselves. Truly a collective pursuit, the band carries on the tradition of bebop, cool, and hard-bop jazz with a focus on improvisation and creativity.  With an ear to the past and an eye on the future, the Seth McNall Sextet takes audiences on a journey to what “jazz” means today.
Seth McNall - Trombone  
Barry Usher - Saxophone
Ron Walker - Trumpet
Nevin Campbell - piano
Kim Ladd - Bass
Ian MacKay - Drums

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Upcoming Shows

Jan 12/13 at Western Fair Food & Wine Show
Feb 28th Jazz for the People Wolf Hall
June 23 Food Fest
Aug 5th Ribfest
Sept 7-8 Western fair with Guest Rachelle Courtney
November 7th OMEA conference in London

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